Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yes We Can

Obama visit to Ghana has many dimensions, despite the fact that Ghana has newly discovered Oil Reserves, the speech of Barack Obama as the president of the United States Of America, will definitely have a transformational effect in the long run for African nations.

Good governance, honest police force and investing in people, functioning institutions were the pillars of what Obama is envisioning for the impoverished continent. Vibrant private sector, with freedom for the press and most importantly an End to Tyranny was one word that echoed strongly in Obama speech.
Africa is a continent where outspoken dissidents disappear with no account. tyrants claim democracy of one form or another but real policy and progress issues where development is key to lift the continent from poverty are not addressed. Vague slogans that only self serving to the elite with no accountability to what, how and who is predominant on the continent. Tribalism, nepotism and lack of tolerance are symptoms of these types of backward regimes.

Here is excrepts of Obama speech in Ghana:

•It is an honor for me to be in Accra & to speak to the representatives of the people of Ghana. I am proud that this is my first visit to sub-Saharan Africa as President of the US.

•The 21st century will be shaped by what happens not just in Rome or Moscow or Washington, but by what happens in Accra as well.

•I will focus on four areas that are critical to the future of Africa and the entire developing world: democracy; opportunity; health; and the peaceful resolution of conflict.

•Governments that respect the will of their own people are more prosperous, more stable, and more successful than governments that do not.

•With better governance, I have no doubt that Africa holds the promise of a broader base for prosperity.

•People must make responsible choices that prevent the spread of disease… promoting public health in their communities and countries.

•America will support these efforts through a comprehensive, global health strategy.

•Africa’s diversity should be a source of strength, not a cause for division

•We must stand up to inhumanity in our midst. It is never justifiable to target innocents in the name of ideology.

•I am speaking to the young people. You have the power to hold your leaders accountable, and to build institutions that serve the people.

•I can promise you this: America will be with you. As a partner. As a friend. Freedom is your inheritance. Now, it is your responsibility to build upon freedom’s foundation.

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