Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Déjà vu" of A Libyan Life

There is no excuse for any establishment in Libya not to execute technically sound construction projects based on research and evaluation to what matches the climate, culture and usage of these projects.
Yet beyond all of what is mentioned above, almost every construction project, (university campuses, housing complexes, hospitals and government facilities) have absolutely no infrastructure that will take care of servicing the structures would be built on and around.
Let alone the problems that arose from the lack of knowledge and capacity to carry out such projects on the lack of knowledge of technical aspects of what is needed to service those buildings, and the lack of planing and integration of the units and the general infrastructure hubs and lines if they even exist on paper.
Add to the mess a blindness that only sees a % when it comes to selecting a foreign company, that happens to be Turkish or Indonesian, which lacks organisation to carry our such projects in the magnitude and quality the Libyan individual, either student or government staff or employee deserves.

Why these thugs are still running such sensitive, strategic establishments?
Why not have the people who have the knowledge, sincerity and credibility run the process?

What will happen: most of these projects are done for political reasons, if the intent was on to deliver a sound functioning facilities, there would be more of methodical and scientific our look and more attention to how these projects are integrated with their surroundings, it is a pure show to cut ribbons, one day of celebrations followed by a non functioning washrooms and long live the misery, with allot of money.