Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What Makes Men Fall in Love?

This is an interesting and informative article on "What Makes Men Fall in Love?"
What makes Libyan man fall in Love?
How would that be precived by Libyan woman?
Let me know by commenting on the post.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Colors, plant and relaxation

After a long day of work, you get home, you want to relax, get them clothes off, wear some easy fit and unwind. That is all wonderful, but what about the environment you live in, the space you occupy;
Are the colors soothing in your living room, bed room and bath room?
Are the windows big enough to get the shiny light in and your gaze out to relax you?
Do you have enough green within your space?
Add a good company to all of that and give me your opinion?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Some area people's true colors are showing, since the old non enforced law of preventing AL-WASHA from disgracing the flock. Some went as far as disgracing their own self by declaring they want to be AL-WASHA incarnated.

Al-Washa always wants to travel BROUHA and maybe even apply for asylum some where in the land of honkeys (Here) by implementing some lies about where she comes from etc.

It has been reported that there is a shortage of NUKAT in the city of Benghazi, area men are working around the clock to generate some FEESA3 FEESA3.

Area people are in the process of forgetting that they are AHRAR and not occupied by lovely colonials who do not wash their butty and eat with their left hands, while some are happy inviting their ancestors into the country to occupy it through banks, of course they are happy making these QARARAT while Living BARAH AL-BALAD.
Area girls who use English as TFTREEM language as a Tool for D'HOOR, has been exposed that they do not even speak ENGLIZI at all, it is Reported that they have confessed to a lack of THIQA and isolated SHAKHASIYAH, in private.

Finally, The one who has no KHAYER for his BALAD, has no KHAYER For HAD.
Loyalty should be LILAH then LILWATAN, and LI AHL ALWATAN not LILKUFAR or LILMAL.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Who wouldn't want attention.

A teen age thing that sounds very stupidly romantic, but why would it not be in a marriage?

"He'll call you every morning just to check if you're in time for school.He'll send short messages to you in class only cause he misses you.He'll wait for you outside your school just to walk you home.He'll call to check on you if you had your meals cause he doesn't want you to starve.He'll ask you out whenever possible cause he wants to spend time with you.He'll distract you from your bus just cause he wants to spend more time with you.He'll call you frequently cause he couldn't get you out of his mind.He'll hug you when you are down to let you know he'll always be there.He'll hold your hand and bring you along when you are lost so you'll feel secured.He'll fulfill your unreasonable requests just so you'll be happy.He'll learn to sing your favourite songs so you'll fall asleep with his voice.He'll be ready for all your calls even when its 4am cause he wants to be there for you.He'll never blame you just so he wouldn't upset you.He'll still wait for you even if you're 3 hours late cause he can wait for you, forever.He'll bring roses/gifts for you whenever least expected cause he wants to surprise you.He'll not be ashamed of you no matter what his friends say cause only he knows best.He'll still rush down to meet you when hes really tired cause you're important to him.He'll stay up till late just so you'll fall sound asleep before him.He'll lend you his shoulder to cry on even though you're crying about another guy.He'll do something special for your birthday even though you forgot his.He'll cry in front of you only because he is true to you.He'll respect your every decision and never doubt you.He'll be honest with you even though it'll hurt you.After all, its cause he loves you."

Your input is always welcome.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Funnies but real

Some fun news to lift your spirits;
The Associated press reported that the Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein. The Swiss soldiers must be High on chocolate :-) hoary.
Sleeping together must be fun again since the seventies, check this out
It must hurt to be late young and beautiful, so let me be right
Have fun.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Self Growth

The way one sees growth differs according the environment S/HE comes from.
Co- dependency might be a problem for the co-dependant, S/HE may not be aware of, but its effect spreads collectively on to the society; if it becomes a collective way of thinking.
A young man, a student, is acquiring a job. His reasoning for acquiring this specific job was that he will get a company car and travel once in a while for meetings overseas. He does not see any other benefit while in age bracket and status of experience of life, in this job opportunity.
Q1-Can't he get a car on his own? (he already has one)
Q2-Can't he travel on his own?

What is growth to you?
How a person can attain meaningful personal growth while being considerate to where they are in life?( is life just a house a car a life partner, or these are just the containers?)

Your comments are welcome.
Happy March