Friday, July 20, 2007

A Pattern

I have bumped in to this post. I Also did read the comment section. The post and some of the comments are sickening to read.
I was baffled to see the insulting words used about the country of Libya and its inhabitants.
Would our wounds, psychological traumas push us to not see the places we are born in objectively?

Correction, requires presence, involvement and cooperation?
Is that a true statement
Fill me in.....

How a child should live

A lesson in raising kids, summarised in few lines;

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight.If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy.
If a child learns to feel shame, he learns to feel guilty.If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient.If a child lives with encouragement, he learns confidence.If a child lives with praise, he learns to appreciate.
If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice.If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith.If a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself.If a child lives with acceptance and friendship,he learns to find love in the world.
Check it out.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Cleaning The Ceilling

Do you know what rights you have when you are stopped by a Traffic police officer while no violation of law has been committed?

Is it in the Libyan traffic law that police officer confiscates your car registration papers and ask you to sing him a song to get them back?

Is there a functioning body that controls police actions and behaviors Towards citizens in Libya?

check me out...