Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Out and About

It is been an eventful week, the kids from Chad who were about to be kidnapped by the "humanitarian" French and Spanish sex modern day slave merchants, while parading on Chad TV, with no trace of the event on European de-mocratic media.
Turks are been suckered in to creating a war, as a cousin of mine indicates it is a game to fill the pockets of war mongers with cash while poor soldiers die for Nothing. Why would a person come from Pasadena and die in Al-Anbar with road side bomb, have you questioned your self why? Maybe he thinks he is dying for democracy, but what is democracy for people who have no freedom of choice to begin with, including that soldier who have thought that it is a good idea to get an education paid for by the military.
I see so many poor people all over the place, and wonder why. I wonder why people do not take position of their future and work together to help each other excel, why fight and beat each other down, life is better when goodness is shared and burdens are shared.
Area people have been keeping busy with the season's weddings.
Homes are too expensive newly weds are starting to rent instead. (Good idea)
Obesity is starting to be a problem (especially in certain Financial-Governmental circles).
All kinds of cars are available, weird accidents happen too.
Love seen is the same, no change. Love is free till it is made official then it could cost you money and well being, including sight loss.
Cheese making and variety is on the increase in Tripoli
I have also been seeing more and more teenager hookers on the streets.
Green is all over the place for a good start, roots of youngsters also needs to be taken care of, maybe more educational programs are needed.
Corruption is still a problem, is anyone working on that?
In Algeria back in the seventies, a Man who gauged people was hanged for doing that, maybe Libyans ought to use that method for the people who steal public funds.(too harsh, but it works).
Season's greetings for all.