Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sesame Street Legend Song "Mahna Mahna"

I came across this evolutionary development of this awesome Sesame street Mahna Mahna song, you got to admit it is just fabulous check it out and have a laugh or two there.... :-)




Mahna Mahna

Friday, October 10, 2008

What would a Low Class do?

As Low Class is defined by The American Heritage® Dictionary, as some one who is either;
-Of or relating to the lower socioeconomic classes.
-Vulgar or crude; common: was put off by their low-class behavior.

But I think it would go further than that, it would include choices, habits and attitudes towards life as well, Ohh well, what do I know.

If you are reading thus far and have an idea on what would make one a Low Class in Libya....

Won't hurt if you leave a comment...:-)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

John McCain, Ladies & Gentlemen

Elect Barack Obama Election Polls Presidential Election,
Vote Obama President

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hitting The G Spot

It is not what you thought it was, just watch the clip and it will hit the spot.


The Story of A Sign

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness"

As Libyans confusingly watch time slip off their hand like salty water wavering off the rocks on any Mediterranean see shore. The ability to participate and be effective in what would bring about more productive and challenging life is yet to be seen.
In an environment where more decision mechanisms are individualised, confusion and instability surrounds the future of understanding where the average Joe would be anchoring his or her hopes of a prosperous future.
If we consider the three segments that are the universal basis of every human living on the face of mother earth, we could easily see Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness, these universal aspects can only be achieved in-on a platform where justice for all is in the works.
One can argue that death is a form of Liberty, since it releases the physical body from the torments of being subjected to abuse and constraints. On the other hand, differences in all aspects of life, between people, is what moves the world and puts it in motion while differences being the catalyst for change towards progress.
Imagine we are all rich and own gold, who is going to be the bread maker to make bread for us to eat, or the farmer who will grow for many purposes, or the professor who will teach and educate,or the doctor to help remedy.

The real meaning behind the phrase Create an Equal Society, means creating a society that is equal under one acceptable Law by all, as well as equal implementation to all and each individual who belongs to that society.

Lack of differences in a society or the effort spent in removing those differences, wither by laws, force or despotism, eventually results in to a halt to that dynamic movement that sets the world in motion so it exist, the utter consequence is a mental death that will send a freezing shivers to the spine, in return it will cause a massive backwardness and psychological sicknesses to the individuals who tend that artificially difference-less, motionless society.

Laws that cripples the thoughts, cripples the expression of the minds, needs to be abolished.
Thoughts expressed freely and implemented collectively,opens fields for sustained value for the society at large. It enhances the collective quality of life for the community.the best illustration on how to do that is to listen to what Mahatma Gandhi said " You must be the change you want to see in the world.” and so must the people of Libya.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Recent poll shows big shift to Obama among white women and American voters at large

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Tuesday saw a huge shift in white woman support since John McCain the Republican incumbent named the inexperienced and mediocre politician Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Polls also show a huge increase in support among US soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families back home.

Obama, who would be the first black U.S. president, defeated Hillary Clinton in the battle for the Democratic nomination.

McCain has failed so far to address the issues that American voters care about the most, issues ranging from an ailing economy, health care, education as well as fading international American influence around the world.

Obama seems to have delivered the message of "Real Change" as well as "Enough of Bush-Cain" to the hearts and minds of the American voters on the campaign trail, as well DNC convention acceptance speech in Denver.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

'OBAMA' A Historic Name For 'CHANGE'

The nomination of Barack Obama by Acclamation tonight is not just a historical event, it is the major change event marked in the History of the United States Of America.
Obama with his intellectual demeanor, personality and positive outlook, is creating a movement at a time when America needs Change the most.

The presence of Hillary Clinton and her move the win by Acclamation towards Obama made the moment at the DNC. it was a historic moment for America, the world and Obama.
Congratulations Democratic Party, Congratulations African America, above all it is:
Congratulation Barack Obama,

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Déjà vu" of A Libyan Life

There is no excuse for any establishment in Libya not to execute technically sound construction projects based on research and evaluation to what matches the climate, culture and usage of these projects.
Yet beyond all of what is mentioned above, almost every construction project, (university campuses, housing complexes, hospitals and government facilities) have absolutely no infrastructure that will take care of servicing the structures would be built on and around.
Let alone the problems that arose from the lack of knowledge and capacity to carry out such projects on the lack of knowledge of technical aspects of what is needed to service those buildings, and the lack of planing and integration of the units and the general infrastructure hubs and lines if they even exist on paper.
Add to the mess a blindness that only sees a % when it comes to selecting a foreign company, that happens to be Turkish or Indonesian, which lacks organisation to carry our such projects in the magnitude and quality the Libyan individual, either student or government staff or employee deserves.

Why these thugs are still running such sensitive, strategic establishments?
Why not have the people who have the knowledge, sincerity and credibility run the process?

What will happen: most of these projects are done for political reasons, if the intent was on to deliver a sound functioning facilities, there would be more of methodical and scientific our look and more attention to how these projects are integrated with their surroundings, it is a pure show to cut ribbons, one day of celebrations followed by a non functioning washrooms and long live the misery, with allot of money.