Friday, July 31, 2009

Future of US - Britain, Muslims and Policy making

The ruling of the high court in Britain to revoke the control order issued by the Home office in England is a positive move but not enough to stop the irresponsible attitude of the British State handlers. Secret evidence is the weapon of choice of the Home Office, it is withheld from the accused, and if it is accompanied with a possible complacency of the judicial system, imprisonment becomes unavoidable for the accused, since they can not challenge the so called evidence as it happens in a non partisan non discriminative and free and fair judicial system.

The British and US authorities have been using such tactics since the attacks on the United States in September 2001, whom the masterminds are yet to be caught and not a single person have been charged directly with that crime.
There strategy is appear to aim at not only reduce the number of Muslims in the west but also alienate Muslim communities by putting pressure on them in which will eventually create tension that will develop the unavoidable of more suspects and more detentions, it is a cycle that is thought well, but is it working and why Authorities in Europe and The United States have to take that route?
Strategy builders & policy makers, need to challenge their mental models regarding Islam, and eventually Muslims. It is a fact that Muslims are now part of the fabric of any Western society, they have above than average Education, wealth and family bounds, especially in the US. So seeing those realities as wealth rather than threat is what ought to be the outline and back ground of establishing a policy aimed at more integration more Immigration to these countries from the Muslim world. But why do I think so.
Here's a thought, the future seems to be determined by a rising power that will be in control of much of world wealth and massive natural resource buildup and effective export capabilities that can not be forgone by most of the world population.
This strong capability building that was and is going on for almost 25 years, is accomplished by the growing world power China.
China will eventually dictate the worlds economic structure and it's out put. For the United states to be able to continue to maintain leverage in the World in the next 70 years, there has to be an injection of two things, an Ideological base and Man power America lacks both in the short run.
America has lost the edge in the last 40 years by let go principles of real economic bench marks that with out, it's system ceases to exist eventually.
The growing of the non Arab Muslim population in the United States and their effect on policy making will have to be an ingredient of electorate leverage eventually to be closer to the Mideast, where a pact will be formed against an ever growing Chinese spread world wide.
To sum things up, the West will lose more by implementing such ill policies that will only cause to alienate more Muslims. these actions if they persist against Muslims, will eventually lead to the weakness of the the United States & Britain (which is already on the brinks of bankruptcy), as their disgruntled Muslim populations grows.

An effective dialog needs to be established between Policy makers and Muslims and that has to start in the form of public meetings, administered by Public Figures such as Prime Ministers in Britain and President Obama in the US, where talk needs to be positive and more on what can we do together rather then how can governments falsely imprison you.


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